Frankfurt: A portrait

Banks ... and plenty of culture

Yes, there are many banks in Frankfurt. That‘s why the city’s nickname is „Bankfurt“. But there is so much more about this city!

Famous buildings like the Römer (city hall) or Paulskirche, where the first German national assembly was held in 1848, tell much about the city‘s and the region‘s history. Important personalities like Johann Wolfgang Goethe represent the German speaking culture as well as Otto Hahn represents sciences.

Frankfurt is the place for two of the most important international fairs: the International Motor Show (IAA) and the Frankfurt Book Fair. But there is a high popularity of regional specialities as well: Ebbelwoi (apple wine) belongs to the region like Weißwurst belongs to Bavaria.

The 700000 inhabitants of Frankfurt, including people from nearly all countries of the world, and visitors can experience classic art (Städel) as well as modern art (Schirn). And for recreation you can explore the huge Frankfurter Stadtwald (municipal forest) and the Grüngürtel (green belt), which is 75km long.

Tradition and modernity, trade and culture live side by side in Frankfurt. This makes the city a place of contrasts and a magnet for curious people.

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